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About The Law Office of Mark J. Lamb:

I was born and raised right here in Sacramento. After graduating from CSUS in 1992, I attended Lincoln Law School and thereafter became a member of the California State Bar in 1996. I initially practiced civil litigation before moving to estate planning in 1999.

I am a solo practitioner. For me, this means that I do not delegate my responsibilities to others. When you retain me to represent you or to draft documents for you, I do all the legal work as opposed to a secretary or paralegal. This guarantees that all work is done to my professional standards. Attorneys who simply review the work of others, tend to overlook mistakes and errors that clients end up paying for. Also, when you come to my office you meet with me and not an associate. You’re phone calls are not transferred to others, they come directly to me.

I find that estate planning is very rewarding. It is a pleasure to meet with new clients, learn about their families, and help them put together a plan that accomplishes all of their goals and desires. Typically, clients will comment on how relieved they are to have finally completed a thorough estate plan.

Many people put off doing a will or trust because it forces them to deal with the reality of death and dying. I try my best to be sensitive to these subjects and I guarantee you that when we are done creating your estate plan you will realize that the documents are for living not dying.

Creating an estate plan should give clients peace of mind. I am proud to say that many clients have described their experience with me as being “Much easier than they expected,” and that they thought of attorneys differently after they had met me.

Although my practice is limited, I do know many other attorneys in different fields, and I am happy when I can recommend them to my clients.

If you are considering moving forward with an estate plan, there is no better time than the present. Please contact me for free consultation at (916) 485-2593.